MyVirtualSafari was created by a group of passionate South African wildlife enthusiasts. Our aim is to share wildlife and safari adventures and information with like-minded folks around the world. The world’s natural ecosystems sustain life and a large diversity of species. In Southern Africa we have a broad array of ecosystems that support a huge diversity of life. Along with enjoying this diversity, we also have a responsibility to take care of these environments and the billions of creatures that inhabit this region.


Sound Clip of various birds


MyVirtualSafari would like to share this world with you and contribute to sustaining healthy natural ecosystems so our children and yours can enjoy the experience of being in nature.

Some of you may be lucky enough to live in South Africa, like we do, and may be able to go on real safari holidays but many people living in other countries have an interest or even fascination with African wildlife but may not be able to take part in safari holidays for various reasons.

We’d like to bring safari experiences to you in a virtual world so you can experience what an African safari is like. You’ll get to see the Big 5, the abundance of bird life, the natural beauty and the rich plant and animal diversity that this region has to offer.

Our website is also a great place to do some research if you are planning an African Safari and want to see what that experience may be like.

Southern Africa is blessed with a rich and diverse natural environment and is a prime location for tourists from around the world wanting to experience true African safaris. There are 100’s of game and nature reserves with accommodation and activities to suit all tastes….from 5 star luxury to camping in tents if you like to rough it a bit. Whichever you choose you will get a taste of the African bush and the animals and birds that live here.

We’ll take you to different parts of Southern Africa and its many game and nature reserves. We’ll include our own review of the places we visit, in particular what the animal and bird life is like in that reserve.

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Catch the Big 5, watch and list birds and animals, learn more about the destination options, our wildlife and conservation in the region or even buy a wildlife T-Shirt and tick the animals or birds on your shirt as you see them. (View T-Shirts for Sale)
After spending some time on our website you may even decide that your next holiday must be a Safari in Southern Africa…. we hope so.






YouTube linkJust after entering Malelane Gate, Kruger Park, a small herd of elephants with some little ones in the group. All doing what elephants do best…eating grasses, leaves and bark. A great start to a week in Kruger. Big 5 ticked.

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