MyVirtualSafari is dedicated to all things Safari. We want to share our love for the Southern African bush and its many animal inhabitants….from the famous BIG 5 to the little beasties crawling, flying or swimming in their natural habitats. For us there’s no better holiday than a Safari holiday. As our name implies, the safaris you will experience on our website are virtual but they are all reflections of real life safaris in Southern Africa.

Speaking of virtual:- MyVirtualSafari is an Agent for Deep VR, a South African Virtual Reality Content Company. If you’re interested in Virtual Reality content to promote your brand or business then please follow the Virtual Reality Menu option for more information

So whether you are planning your first Safari or are a regular visitor to one of the many game and nature reserves in the region, we hope you enjoy our Virtual World.

Unwind a bit and take a break from the stress and pressure of your daily grind and enjoy MyVirtualSafari……….

So What’s The Attraction With Safaris?
There is something special about a Safari. It combines a feeling of peace and tranquility, by being in natural environments, with the excitement of seeing the famous Big 5 animals or Big 6 birds of the Lowveld, or other rare birds or even a predator kill if you are lucky. For us a real safari isn’t only about the big animals, it’s about all living things you may encounter on your safari…’s about seeing a little bit of how animals interact with each other and their natural environment….from the big animals to the little creatures, the insects, reptiles, plants and even the geology and weather patterns. All these elements work together to sustain life and the joy of a safari is being able to share in this rich and complex natural ecosystem. After a day of watching wildlife you can relax around a fire -in South Africa we call it a Braai – have something cool to drink, talk about what you’ve seen and plan your next day’s adventure. MyVirtualSafari aims to show you what a safari is like…we want to bring a Safari experience to you wherever you are.

We hope you enjoy our website and hope to see you on a real Safari soon.

Braai (BBQ)

Braai (BBQ)

Pied KingfisherPied Kingfisher with catch

Giraffe at SunsetGiraffe at Sunset

Leopard TortoiseLeopard Tortoise